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Open to cultures, influences and ideas, Tunisia is a plural country, charming and warm. You will discover its colors: pink beige Roman mosaics, the bright blue studded doors, and the bright green of its painted pottery, delights: olives, lemons and dates of incomparable taste, and of course its fragrance: jasmine, incense, orange flower and ..


Earth stories and different peoples, countries land and sea, Tunisia, each step reveals a treasure. Unavoidable sites: Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, Kairouan, Djerba and the desert. Of unknown places: Mahdia, Dougga, Tamerza and northern forests. Renewed pleasures: the sea, the oasis, museums, souks, camel or horse-drawn carriage rides. Irresistible specialties familiar crafts, folklore rhythm and delicious cuisine.


Sidi Bou Said

The city offers all the faces of Tunisia: picturesque medina, busy streets, blue and white chic suburbs of Carthage and its Roman remains, Sidi Bou Said, a mythical village and its renowned "Café des Délices" with a breathtaking view of Bay of Tunis. Not to mention the fish restaurants of La Goulette La Marsa. To the east, another awaits Tunisia: Tunisia to the green forests and rocky coastline that takes you from Bizerte, the old port intact until Tabarka, whose waters contain coral.

THE Sahel

Cap Bon and busiest Tunisia offering a whole range of leisure star resort of Hammamet, a few kilometers away, Nabeul, country pottery and orange with a remarkable selection of hand painted ceramics to price defying any competition. The Sahel, and the cities of Sousse, Monastir, Mahdia beyond their walls, souks and museums. Renowned for its beautiful beaches with huge sports or relaxation and its marinas, start your stroll at sea, the Sahel also contains an important historical heritage, including in Kairouan, the holy city, known for its beautiful mosques.

the Sea


The island of Djerba, aptly named the soft, serene oasis in the south of Tunisia offers a complete change of scenery and takes you to the gates of the desert. Besides its stretches of sand, cities offer a creative tourism Tozeur, Nafta, Matmata, Tamerza original excursions: the palm, the troglodytes or Berber tents that provide unforgettable accommodation, and local festivals Folklore Berber Do not miss: Douz, Tozeur, Sabria etTataouine.

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    South of Tunisia

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    South of Tunisia

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    South of Tunisia



Airports: There are seven: Tunis-Carthage, Enfidha, Monastir, Sfax, Djerba, Tozeur and Tabarka, served by many international airlines and charters. Domestic flights are provided by a national company. In most cities, there are two kinds of taxis, metered taxis, very affordable, and taxis. In Tunis, a Skytrain serves the city center and suburbs. Buses also provide long-distance connections in quite comfortably. The train being modernized, is a safe means of transport and economic.

Aeroport Nfidha


In terms of restoration, the offer is extremely varied. The text is set in exotic traditional restaurants, gourmet or popular, popular fast food of youth. The tastiest color and taste local flavors in "taverns" where for a small fee, we enjoy spicy sandwiches of brigs and egg soup unforgettable: Chorba and "lablali" in mind ... At the edge major roads, it is easy to restore outdoor barbecue and cooked on skewers instead. Cafes, many, share in popular local and connected sets, where they are different.


Between comfort and care, the state has invested successfully a new tourism niche. Today's Tunisia is confirmed as a medical destination for many types of care. Tunisian practitioners enjoy undisputed and internationally recognized reputation. In Tunisia, you will receive the best care allocated by an elite of specialists in a pleasant and at prices two to three times cheaper than those prevailing in Europe. Medical tourism has grown to the point that Tunisia became the first European destination for cosmetic surgery.


Sousse is both a city of history and a vibrant modern city. Its medina intact leaves a great impression with its high walls of golden stone facing the sea, its souks and alleys, time-worn monuments, while the modern districts show their enthusiasm with their palm-lined avenues, the port and numerous shopping and entertainment venues. Near the residence, the integrated resort of Port El Kantaoui proudly bears the nickname "the first port of the Mediterranean garden." built entirely in a Tunisian Arab-Andalusian style inspiration, Port El Kantaoui is a homogeneous whole and green hotels, residences, shops and entertainment venues, including the heart consists of a marina 340 rings and a superb golf course.


Tunisia became, after France, the second destination for thalassotherapy. A place conquered by the put option early on this growing market and strengthened by upgrading facilities.

Its coastline, its climate and its hotel infrastructure Sousse designated as ideal destination spa. If we add the tradition, ingrained, steam room, along with a vigorous massage exfoliating, and the legacy of the Roman baths that had developed a sophisticated technique, it can be argued that the benefits of the sea were enrolled in destiny the country.

Sousse today has forty centers with for most of the latest equipment. Their openness is subject to authorization from the Ministry of Health and occupational and health regulations, rigorous, provides a hydrotherapy taken seriously and personalized care. Thus, the medical examination prior to any treatment is mandatory.


Formulas circuits multiply the possibilities of discovery: major archaeological sites and stunning natural sites.


The medina of Tunis, Sousse, Monastir, Kairouan, you will discover the various regional crafts (carpets, jug, Chicha, dishes) and restaurants, countless specialty brick with egg, barbecue, fish, salads méchouia ...

Two hours from Paris, Tunisia guarantees a total change of scenery, warm hospitality, and holiday card according to your wishes at very competitive rates. Come ... 'll love.